Elements of the Performance

Greeting "E Kaabo se daadaa le de" The Processional wherein the Ensemble welcomes its audience

Obatala Dance to the god of creation, peace and purity

Sango Dance to the god of authority and love

Drumming Interpretation Demonstrates how the "dundun" drum is used as a speech surrogate. Chanters interpret the praises, proverbs and messages played by the iyailu (lead drum). The message, 'E je ka parapo sona kan," says, "Let us come together and be one."

Sabada The Village Dance; a social dance in reverence of the God-given love and self-esteem within each of us.

The Nigerian Talking Drum Ensemble was founded in 1985 by Master Talking Drummer Francis Awe in response to a growing international interest in the unique art form of the Talking Drum ("Dundun"). For further information, call (323) 294-7445.