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Mamady Keita
September 2005 dates TBA
Los Angeles, California

There is a Malinke proverb which says,
"without music, there is no joy;
but without joy, there can be no music."
This proverb provided Mamady with the name,
Sewa Kan, which means the sound of joy.

For people interested in learning the traditional music of the djembe and dunduns of West Africa.

These workhops are designed to give the participant basic fundamental and advanced techniques of traditional West African djembe ensemble music. The Djembe and Dunduns are indigineous to the West African countries that were once part of the ancient Malian Empire. Those countries today are called Mali, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Cote d'Ivoire, Senegal, The Gambia, Sierra Leone, and Burkina Faso.
More information about Mamady Keita: ttmusa.org

Registration is limited so please be sure to register early!

About Mamady Keita

Mamady Keita became an initiate into the history and music of the Manding at the age of seven by Karinkadjan Konde, an old Djembefola (djembe master) of the village of Balandugu in Guinea, West Africa. A djembe prodigy, Mamady became a soloist with the National Ballet of Guinea, the Ballet Djoliba at the young age of 13. He went on several world tours, eventually becoming artistic director of the ballet and winning several awards. In 1988, Mamady moved to Brussels, Belgium and in 1991 founded the traditional percussion school Tam Tam Mandingue.

Mamady has been the focus of four documentary films, he has also recorded 8 albums on Fonti Musicali: Wassalon, Nankama, Mogobalu, Hamanah, Afo, Balandugukan, Mamady Lee, and A Giate. Mamady has also written an instructional book, Mamady Keita: A Life for the Djembe--Traditional Rhythms of the Malinke (Music CD included) published by ARUN and translated by Uschi Billmeier. The book transcribes over 60 Mandingue rhythms and includes detailed histories and has become a primer for serious students of this traditional music. Lastly, Mamady has recorded three instructional videos (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels) available in French with English subtitles.

Today Mamady travels around the world teaching and performing; every winter he hosts two 3-week workshops at his private compound in Guinea. In August through September he tours Japan and the United States teaching traditional Mandingue percussion. Beginning in the Fall of 2004 Mamady Keita is now based in San Diego four months out of each year, from September through the end of December.

Who Should Attend

- Those interested in learning specific parts and Mamady's unique method of teaching soloing techniques of traditional West African Djembe Ensemble music
- Music / Percussion Instructors
- Drum teachers and educators
- Drumcircle facilitators
- Ethnomusicologists with an interest in West African Djembe music and culture


Dates TBA - here's the schedule from his 2003 tour FYI

Monday - Tuesday, September 22 - 23, 2003

Monday, September 22, 2003
7:00pm - 08:30pm - Beginner/Intermediate Djembe & Dundun
8:30pm - 10:00pm - Intermediate/Advanced Djembe & Dundun

Tuesday, September 23, 2003
7:00pm - 08:30pm - Beginner/Intermediate Djembe & Dundun
8:30pm - 10:00pm - Intermediate/Advanced Djembe & Dundun


Spaces are Limited to 60 people so please register early!
You can register in advance to save a space by
calling Janet Planet 310-770-7370 or you can email janet


Cost TBA - here's the pricing from his 2003 tour FYI

single class - $25.00
series of any 2 classes - $40.00 (must be purchased together)
all 4 classes - $70.00 (must be purchased together) ! BEST DEAL !
observation only - $5.00/per class

No credit cards or checks accepted - Please pay for the workshops in cash, postal money order, or cashier's check. And be sure to bring extra money - we will have beautiful tour Tshirts, videos (instructional & the new Djembe Kan video), and CD's for sale at the workshops.

What to Bring

  • your djembe, dunduns
  • notebook
  • tape recorder
  • water


Mamady Keita U.S. Workshop Tour: September, 2003

Tam Tam Mandingue USA is excited to announce Mamady Keita s Djembe Kan Workshop Tour which will visit 13 cities during the month of September. Beginning with a 4-day workshop in Chicago on Labor Day Weekend. (August 29 September 1) Mamady will offer workshops in 7 states including, Illinois, Missouri, Virginia, Georgia, New Mexico, Arizona, and California (see the following tour schedule for cities and dates).

This year's tour is called the Djembe Kan tour in celebration of Mamady's unique djembe kan solo created to pay respect and homage to his teacher Karinkadjan Conde. Djembe Kan means "the sound of the djembe" and some of these rare, impromptu performances have been compiled into a new video: Mamady Keita: Djembe Kan Live! which was recently released; to order visit Tam Tam Mandingue USA http://www.ttmusa.org/ or click on the picture of the Djembe Kan video cover art.

The tour is sponsored by Tam Tam Mandingue USA, the U.S. branch of Mamady's worldwide percussion school. TTM USA is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and teaching the music, history, and culture of Guinea, West Africa, and specifically the music of the Mandingue people.

For information on the tour, or to order any of Mamady's cds, instructional videos, or his book:
visit Tam Tam Mandingue USA http://www.ttmusa.org/
email info@ttmusa.org
call TTM USA headquarters 619/294-9550.

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