1st Annual Drum Circle Facilitators Convention

- DCF Con 05 -


Saturday - Monday, September 3, 4, 5, 2005


We Invite You To Bring Your Creative Spirit
And Come Join Us In
The 1st Annual Drum Circle Facilitator's Convention - The DCF Con!

Explore The Power Of Rhythm
Network With Your Peers
Workshops and Presentations on the Art, Craft, and Business of Drum Circle Facilitation

Friday - Sunday, September 3, 4, 5, 2005

Remo Recreational Music Center
7308 Coldwater Canyon
North Hollywood, California 91605
(1 block N of Sherman Way)
Phone (818) 982-0461

For more info email DrumminFun@gmail.com



Nothing. This is an all-volunteer event, and all events are free and open to all working Drum Circle Facilitators.


Yes! In fact, we are requesting all attendees to contribute to our operating costs. We are having a barbeque to open the weekend's festivities, and we will need various supplies for the rest of the Con, and Janet will be purchasing everything in advance. We will ask for a small donation from each person to cover our costs (depending on the number of people attending we think this will be somewhere in the 10-20$ range). *** Please be sure to come with cash for this donation the first day you arrive at the Con as we do not want anyone to have to worry about having to spend even more time cashing copious checks.***


This Convention is for all working Drum Circle Facilitators, but this is not the place to come for someone who just wants to participate in a drum circle or just do a lot of drumming. This is an event for our professional DCFs and will be run as such with lectures, workshops, and presentations specifically for our target group. We do plan on drumming each day, but the bullk of our time will be spent in workshops.


The DCF Con is being held at the Remo Music Center and the RMC is basically a huge drum warehouse that contains hundreds of drums and percussion. Remo Drums and percussion can be used by all attendees for free for the whole weekend of events. You can, of course, feel free to bring your own drums and percussion.


No, you don't, but you might find all the presentations very helpful so you might want to try to be around as much as possible.


Yes, we are planning on having coffee and bottled water available during the event, but we will not be serving any food items. Please, whenever possible, bing your own food, snacks, and even water.


Yes. We're working out the kinks in what our final policy will be, but you can sell your product, even possibly drums & percussion. As soon as the policy is firmed up we will let you all know.


The Remos store will be open for a few hours each day, but will not be open all day every day. We really want the Remo employees to be able to participate in the event, rather than minding the store.


Since this is an all-volunteer event we ask that every attendee comes prepared to volunteer their time to help make this event successful. We will have a sign-up sheet for volunteers and will post it on the wall for people to sign-up to help us out. This will be one of the first things we talk about as a group. Remo has been nice enough to offer us the space and we do not want to use the Remo employees who will be attending our event as our employees. That's why we need volunteers.

We will need drivers to help give rides to our fellow DCF's staying at the Sportsman's Lodge. The Sportsman's is a quick 5-7 minutes drive due North of the hotel and I could really use everyone who possibly can to help with this. For drivers I need people who can commit to giving rides all 3 days of the Con, this is a great way to bond with other DCF's from out of town and I BEG all locals all for your help in this area!


We understand your concerns. That's why we created a private list to plan and discuss everything. This list (DCF_Con) is a private list open ONLY to members, not the general public. That means that the info you enter into our online database (DB) can be read by our members ONLY and should stay private. This is a private and closely moderated list. To join send a blank email to DCF_Con-subscribe@yahoogroups.com. Or click on the button below. Only people interested in attending the Con should subscribe as we will be discouraging off-topic conversations, and will only be concentrating on issues directlyconnected to the planning of the Con.

As with any email you might send, please do remember that your privacy can always be breached. So if you have privacy concerns you still do have a few choices: you can fill out the DB without including any personal contact info, or you can use your cell phone & POB address, as you might already be doing on your website.

We do ask that you add your name to the DB as that is how we are hoping to generate a contact list, figure out how many people will be attending (for food & coffe purchases), what they're food preferences are, whether they need a ride or not, etc.

Again, since this is starting as an all-volunteer event, we are trying to automate our systems so as to eliminate having to reinvent the wheel each time we have an event. We plan to use this list for planning all future DCF events. Soon we hope to have the agenda in our 'Files' section for everyone to download before coming to LA, as we plan to do with all planning materials for future DCF Cons.

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