Arthur Hull's Southern California Playshops

Arthur Hull jams with Babatunde Olatunji

Guest Artist - Arthur Hull

Arthur Hull - The widely-acknowledged Father of the Modern Drum Circle Movement. Click on these links to learn more about Arthur's Playshops.


A talented rhythmatist and performer with 30 years pioneering the field of rhythmical empowerment, Arthur is recognized as the father of the modern day community drum circle movement. He is a community and corporate trainer, a motivational speaker, experiential keynote presenter and an internationally acclaimed master at facilitating groups of people through a common experience using music and rhythm.

Since 1980 Arthur Hull has used the Village Music Circles metaphor to build team spirit and promote unity in corporations, schools and communities worldwide, inspiring populations as diverse as corporate executives to kids at risk. Arthur has taught Village Music to over 7,000 students at the University of California in Santa Cruz. For over 10 years, Arthur Hull has been offering training seminars to teach rhythm facilitation and leadership skills to individuals and organizations from Omega, Naropa and Esalen to McDonalds, Blue Cross and Silicon Graphics. He has won many awards for his work and he has been featured on the cover of The Wall Street Journal, The Yoga Journal, and in The Economist, Time Magazines and The LA Times. He is the author of the definitive handbook for drum circle facilitation, Drum Circle Spirit, Facilitating Human Potential Through Rhythm.

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