Arthur Hull's Southern California
Drum Circle Facilitator's Playshop

Friday - Sunday
Friday - Sunday, February 29 - March 1-2, 2008

Facilitating Human Potential Through Rhythm



This course is designed to give the participant basic foundational skills to facilitate community based rhythm events. It is an opportunity for those who work with groups of people to learn facilitation and presentation skills from world renowned presenter, Arthur Hull. Arthur's unique and effective teaching style allows both the novice and the expert to use rhythm as a bases for deepening communication and enhancing group dynamics.

About the Playshop

Learn facilitation and presentation skills through the metaphor of a Drum Circle. Arthur Hull, master facilitator and keynote presenter will guide you through this exciting process. Arthur's charismatic personality reverberates throughout this fun, dynamic and playful program where participants will interact and learn the technical skills inherent in facilitating a successful community event.

The Facilitators Playshop is an opportunity for those who work with people to learn to facilitate groups through the metaphor of a drum circle. You do not have to be a musician to participate. A drum circle is a fully participating, interacting group of people creating and sharing a rhythmical and musical experience together. This experience results in harmony, camaraderie and a feeling of wellness amongst the participants.

Regardless of the group's level of rhythmical experience a good drum-circle facilitator can guide a group to its highest potential while making beautiful music together.

Course Description

This experiential intensive includes learning and practice with facilitation theory and techniques. Through small group activities using movement, voice, musical instruments and improvisational games participants will learn group leadership skills, platform presentation techniques and body language communication.

At the completion of this program participants will have a practical understanding of the basic techniques necessary to successfully lead and facilitate groups of any size and composition through a community rhythm event.

The workshop will culminate in a community drum circle on Sunday afternoon, which will give participants an opportunity to practice and observe the skills learned during the workshop.

About Arthur Hull

Arthur Hull is a motivational speaker, keynote presenter and a master at facilitating groups of people through a joyful and inspiring experience using music and rhythm. Recognized as the father of the community drum circle movement world wide Arthur brings his inspiration to diverse communities from corporate executives to kids at risk. He is president of Village Music Circles(tm) bringing team building events to organizations internationally. He is the author of Drum Circle Spirit, Facilitating Human Potential Through Rhythm; a book that masterfully details the steps for creating a successful community drum circle event. With over 30 years of experience Arthur knows what works and how to teach his success to others. In response to public demand Arthur offers seminars to train others in his successful rhythm facilitation techniques. In conjunction with Village Music Circles(tm) core team facilitators Arthur now offers an optional 3 part educational series designed to provide participants in depth skills in how to effectively work with groups using rhythm to build communities.

National Awards

* 2001 Infinity Foundation Spirit Award
* 2000 Drum Magazine Drummie Award for Best Drum Circle Facilitator
* 1998 Drum Magazine Drummie Award for Best World Beat and New Age Percussionist
* 1994 All One Tribe Foundations Drumming Education Award


Arthur Hull is a Signature Series endorsee for REMO, Inc. Signature series drums are designed by Arthur. Instruments for this program will be provided by REMO, Inc.

Topics Covered

* Principals Required for Successful Group Participation
* Elements to Identify and Facilitate in a Rhythm Based Event
* Tools and Techniques for Facilitators
* Rapport skills
* Adaptation of Facilitation Skills to Different Populations
* Orchestra ional Ideas
* Drum Circle Games
* Facilitation Exercises
* Group Improvisation
* Respecting and Reading the Circle
* Three Point Radar
* Body Language and Vocal Techniques
* Windows of Communication
* Pacing and Leading
* Creating Small Successes
* Opening and Closing an Event.

Who Should Attend

* School Teachers
* Psychotherapists
* Health Care Providers
* Music Therapists
* Personal Growth Facilitators
* Music / Percussion Instructors
* Drum teachers
* Reiki Practitioners
* Group Presenters
* Youth Leaders
* Anyone interested in developing group presentation skills


Spaces are Limited to 40 people so please register early!


Februaru 29, March 1 - 2, 2008
Friday, Februar 29 - 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Saturday,March 1 - 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
Sunday, March 2 - 9:30 am - 7:00 pm

Sunday's program will conclude with a community drum circle open to family and friends from 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm. Drums and percussion instruments provided FREE by Remo. Please invite your family and friends to share in your success!

Playshop Weekend Schedule

Friday February 28 2008 (3.5 hours):

5:00pm  – 5:30pm  –   Registration check-in
5:30pm  – 7:00pm  –   Drum Call
7:00pm  – 9:00pm  –   Basic DCF Playshop Program

Saturday March 01 2008 (9 hours):

 9:00am  – 10:30pm –  Basic DCF Playshop Program
10:30am – 11:45pm –  Observe Children's Drum Circle
11:45pm – 1:15pm –   Lunch (on your own or bring your own)
1:15pm  –  5:30pm –   Basic DCF Playshop Program
5:30pm  –  7:00pm –   Dinner (on your own, bring your own, or order
out for the whole group with cost TBD)
7:00pm  –  9:00pm –   Late Night Drum Circle Jam

Sunday March 02 2008 (8 hours):

9:30am –   1:00pm   –  Basic DCF Playshop Program
1:00pm –   2:30pm  –   Lunch (on your own or bring your own)
2:30pm –   5:00pm –    Basic DCF Playshop Program
5:00pm –   6:00pm   –   Facilitators Playshop Closing Ceremonies
6:00pm –   7:00pm  –   Community Drumcircle


Remo Percussion Center
7308 Coldwater Canyon
North Hollywood, CA 91605
1 block N of Sherman Way
Phone (818) 982-0461

Payment & Questions

Please send your check for $400.00, made out to VILLAGE MUSIC CIRCLE FACILITATORS PLAYSHOP. All payments are non refundable. Mail your check to: Arthur Hull Village Music Circles 108 Coalinga Way Santa Cruz CA 95060 1-831-458-1946 outreach@drumcircle.com http://www.drumcircle.com/

Additional Information

Participants are requested to have studied Arthur's books Drum Circle Faciltation: Community Building Through Rhythm and Drum Circle Spirit: Facilitating Human Potential through Rhythm, which includes a play-along CD.

For more information please visit Arthur's site, Village Music Circles

What to Bring

Drums will be provided by Remo, but please feel free to bring your own hand drum and percussion instruments. Also bring a pen and paper, bottled water and a sack lunch if you'd rather not eat at one of the many restuarants in the area.

Southern California Contact

Janet Planet 310-770-7370 or email janet

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