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But first, a note about email lists...

There are lots of lists devoted to the many different forms of hand drumming, the lists on this page are only a sample. After joining any list I suggest you lurk for a while and read the messages before posting so you can get a feel of how the list operates. I urge you to think before sending a "me-too" email to any list. That's a big netiqutte no-no. Remember, there can be hundreds and even thousands of people on any given list - they do not want to hear you say "me too" in response to someone's post. Nor does anyone want to read email that should really be addressed to a specific person. So please make an attempt not to send a response meant for an individual to the whole list, instead address it to the person you are typing to. When sending your message to a list be as complete as possible. Be sure to use your subject header as you would a headline - Who,What, Where, When. And use the body of your email for all pertinent details. Remember to include your city, state, province, country, etc., to locate your event. lists are read by people all over the world so be specific.
And remember: never send attachments to any list!

Drum Lists to Join

The African Beat Digest
moderated list, focus on SoCal
The African Music Digest
moderated list, global focus
global moderated list
global unmoderated list, focus on Mande drumming
DCF-specific unmoderated list
Denmark's Djembe magazine
djembe for beginners
latin percussion
Goblet Drumming
nowar (Notation, West African Percussion)
Drumcrazy UK
Clearwater Beach Drumming Florida
Treasure Island Drum Circle
ForeFote Lamine Dibo Camera
Bryan-College Station Drummers
DrumGod's- DrumDance Camp

Drum Circles

Arthurian Drum Community and Village Music Circles Arthur Hull
Don Davidson
DrumEvents Steve Barnett
Drum Journal
Drummin' Fun Janet Planet
Drumming Circle
Drums From A Small Planet Kenne Thomas
DrumsOnTheWeb.com drumcircle info
Everybody Drum
ETS' Pagan Music Events Calendar
Fast Company May 2000 article about drumcircles
Healthy Sounds
Rhythms of the Soul
Venice Beach Drumcircle

Drumming and Wellness

Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine
American Music Therapy Association
HealthWorld Online - Mind-Body Medicine
Remo - Drumming Up Health
Primitive Beat Monks, Shamans, Drum Beats,  Primitive Cultures, Rhythmic Sound & The Brain

Additional Links

africanbeat.com what's happening in SoCal
Crossword Puzzles for Drummers
Drum Dojo percussionists resource
Drumming Info
Links to other drumming sites
Drum & Dance Links - Karamba Experience
Why Music Ed Links and Info Page

Audio, Downloads, Soundfiles, Notation

Digidesign download free version of ProTools
Handsonic Roland's interactive demo
Notation Playback Rhythm Exchange
SHARE Server Hosted African Rhythm Exchange
WAP-pages the West African Percussion Pages for notation and educational soundfiles, contain over 50 traditional West African Rhythms in transcriptions and soundfiles
Yankadi is a shareware program that only costs $20 to purchase the license. It also comes with fonts specially designed for notation.


All One Tribe Drum
Bang A Drum
Bauer PercussionBem vindo à Bauer percussion
Color Conscious Djembe Hats percussion accessories
djembe instruction play-a-long solo tapes
Earth Rhythms hand drums, percussion, drumming
Earthshaking Music
Ermine Leather Industries drum bags
Harmonic Journey
Joyous Lake Drums
Jay Cat West African style ashiko drums handmade in Vermont
Marsmusic.com Upcoming Events
Motherland Music
Noisy Toys
Latin Percussion, Inc Pros that Play LP Lessons from the Pros
Percussion Music-drumming and percussion recordings
Primal Beat Percussion
Rhythm Fusion Drums, Percussion, World Music
Grey Wolf Drums The Worlds Finest Drums
Spirit Drums wooden snare drums, Australia
International Art & Sound Shakerman
Rick's Gallery of Art and Music . Drums pt 1
Kotz Custom Built Cajons
New Tough Djembe Bags
Adnan's Marketplace

Hand Drumming Resources

African Drumming
African Polyrhythms
African Australian Cultural Homepage
African Music & Drumming Resources from ethnomusicologist Eric Charry
African Percussion Paulo Mattioli
Afrikan Village Dance and Drum Camp
Airto Moreira
Around the Mall and Beyond Smithsonian Museum
Rony Barrak Middle Eastern percussionist
John Bergamo and the Hands On'Semble
Circle Skin and Bone
Crossword Puzzles for Drummers
Dance Drummer features a video rhythm of the month
Drummin Fun
Different Drums
Djembe Band WAP (West African Percussion)
Djembe and Mande Music is an excellent resource
Djembe-L FAQ compendium of djembe & West African music
Djembe-L FAQ
Djembe-Dunun rhythms
Djembe.net African drum rhythms by Lennart Hallstrom
The Drum Connection Alan Tauber
Drum! Magazine
Drum & Rattle
Drum is the Ear of God
Drummers Alliance
Drummers Web
Drumming About You
Doumbek guide on how to play the doumbek
Earth Drum Council
Earth Rhythm
Explorations in Afro-Cuban Dance and Drum from Humboldt State U
Fun When You Drum Gary Marshall
Evelyn Glennie
Mickey Hart's 360° NET
Buddy Helm
HighTech Talking Drums with Foot-Action Pitch Change
Ken Hyder
Jambo Jambo
Kagemusha Taiko
Kalani Music
KoSA Percussion Workshops
Kwashi & His African Beat
Pete Lockett
Loud Joy Drumming Community
Mali Weave Directions from Paulo Mattioli with pictures and easy to follow along instructions:
Mamady Keita Homepage
Massengo Congolese drummer and composer
Meia Noite
Modern Drummer
Morgan Drums.com
Pelodrum Ireland's Friendship Drum
P E R C U S S I O N S . O R G
Percusion World
Peyman Nasehpour - tonbak player. Here's an article Peyman wrote for Internationl Women's Day - Are Drums Unladylike?
Judy Piazza Resonance & Rhythms, frame drumming
PsalmDrummers Christian Drummers
Babatunde Olatunji
Layne Redmond
Rhythm Konnections
Rhythmic Adventures
Seattle World Rhythm Festival (SWRF) the annual FREE event sponsored by the non-profit World Percussion Society
Shamanism as it relates to drumming
Chuck Silverman
SoundingForms.com African Drums and Instruments
Tabla North Indian drumming
TAM.AM.RA Percussion Group from Japan
Tam Tam Mandigue Mamady Keita
Tatsumaki Taiko
Tony Vacca's World Rhythms
Glen Velez the world of frame drums
Voices of Eden at mp3.com
West African percussion
World At Your Beat
Zoro The Drummer

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