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Toure Kunda


Toure Kunda begun as a ten-piece fusion band in the late 1970s, are originally from Senegal. The four founding brothers, leader Amadou Toure, with Ismaila, Sixu, and Ousamane were born to Soninke parents in the Casamance (in the South West) region of Senegal. They were originally inspired by traditional African rhythms and they featured instruments such as the kora, balafon, and sabar. Soon these instruments were replaced by guitars and synthesisers. In 1979 they moved to Paris playing their particular brand of mbalax-inspired Afro-rock they called djambaadong. The Paris audiences had never heard anything like it and they went wild for their sound.

In 1983 leader Amadou had a tragic accident and died leaving the remaining band members in shock. They soon rallied to produce a memorial concert and a tribute album"Amadou Tilo." Toure kunda are still based in Paris and are still touring.

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